Update & Random Pics

It seems that things have been pretty much non stop for Matt and I since we moved to Denver. Until now, both of us have been working full time and trading off watching Abrielle. Then we bought a house and moved again way sooner than we expected to. And I have now changed jobs again, haha. So…. it’s been busy.

For the job situation… I only had a full time contract for 3 months at the University, and didn’t love the unit as much as I was hoping so I was trying to figure out if I was going to stay on with them or what I wanted to do. I will be staying with University, but on a different unit and only on a per diem basis (only have to work 4 shifts/month). I’ll be in the cardiothoracic ICU, which is new territory for me, and will be very good experience. It turns out that I will also be per diem in the Surgical ICU at Denver Health – the major level 1 hospital for trauma in Colorado. So I am very excited about this position and am very much looking forward to some good trauma again. I’ve missed it, haha. So between the 2 jobs, essentially I’ll work 2 days a week and have the flexibility of making my own schedule. I’m very grateful and excited it about. 
And the house… we’re so happy to have our own house! It’s not the first time we’ve been homeowners, but it’s been the first time that we’ve lived in the home that we owned, haha. So after 10 years of marriage, we are very excited to finally have a place to really call our own! We really love the house, but still have lots of plans for it. Matt loves projects, and now he has a forever long list of projects, so hopefully those and a totally unfinished basement will keep him busy for a while 🙂 
And here are just some random pics over the last few weeks:

She loves lining up her clothes

Out at the park

Yogurt face

So cute!

I love that she smiles when we ask her to now 🙂

Cats (stuffed) make nice pillows, haha

She’s still very much into neckless and putting everyone’s shoes on

Wind chimes are a favorite of hers

Silly daddy… haha

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