Trip to ABQ

We took a trip to NM over my birthday weekend and had a really good time. Too bad traffic was so terrible that it took us an extra two hours to get there… oh well. This is how the trip started :).. her sleeping. Too bad it only lasted 45 minutes and that’s the only sleep she got all day. Hopefully her traveling skills improve with time, haha.

We’re helping my mom pretty much completely redo the backyard, and made some good progress on it, so that felt nice. It will feel even nicer when it’s finally done someday, haha. I haven’t worked like that physically in a long time so it felt good and I am glad we can do something to help her.

As always, Abrielle had a wonderful time seeing Grandma. Pretty much anytime she (grandma) is around, nobody else exists to Abrielle, haha. Abrielle had a good time with her cousins too. She and Lillie are only 7 months apart so it’s sharing was a bit of an issue and they weren’t totally sure what to think of each other, haha. Makiya (8) has such good little mothering instincts and just doted over both of them. The nephews seemed pretty enthralled with the toddlers too. It was fun. 
Costco trip with toddlers. Lillie was quiet and content the entire time. And then there’s my beast and her constant need for food, haha.
Our hometown temple
One of the very few things I miss about NM… sunsets
As I mentioned, we were there over my birthday. It was just nice to be around family and have a kind of laid back day. My husband and brothers made sure I remembered it was my last year before 30…. that was nice of them, haha. We went over to some very good family friends for dinner. In this picture is Aaron… Abrielle’s boyfriend, haha. He is wonderful with her and his family is amazing, so I can’t complain too much 😉  

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