September Update

We spent Labor day at my brothers’ where Abrielle had her first exposure to sidewalk chalk and loved it. My nieces had fun showing their climbing abilities on our truck too haha. It’s really been fun to live close to them. 

Abrielle is such a girl 🙂 She loves carrying around and handing me my purses, she loves getting her nails painted and filing mine, and I love when she lets us do something with her hair. She’s just such a doll; I love it.

Family picture!!

Still doing the squinty smile 🙂

We’ve enjoyed the playgrounds near our house
She loves rolling down the hill
And I love seeing her have fun swinging and kicking her little legs

She hardly ever watches TV, but she does get hooked on football haha

I seriously love seeing her sleep, haha. 
This picture was taken after I fixed her pajamas that she had unzipped 🙂 

We went to visit my grandparents’ grave today; they’re buried in the Fort Logan National Cemetery. Abrielle picked out the flowers that we took and she very much enjoyed smelling them over and over. My dad would visit his parents as often as he could and would always make sure that the grass was clean cut right against the base of the headstone, so it’s something I’m trying to keep up for him. 
He missed his dad a lot, so I’m sure that was a very happy reunion when my dad passed. I know how he feels and I look forward to my eventual reunion with him too.

She was trying to share her grapes with her cat (AKA Whiskers) on the way home, haha

And I know we shouldn’t sneak pictures during prayer, but I have been dying to capture this. She has been so good over the last month kneeling and folding her arms for prayer. It is just so precious for me to see her do this 🙂 
And she just impresses us so much. We weren’t going to start potty training her until after she was two, because it’s recommended by pediatricians not to, but she pretty much started on her own about a week ago. And she’s actually gone appropriately and purposely. It’s especially awesome as I wasn’t really looking forward to this time of transition, but I’m so proud of her that she just seems to be picking it up naturally. 
She’s still not talking a whole lot, but you can tell that’s trying and she understands everything we say. I really am happy that we have taught her some sign language, but I think it’s maybe made it easier for her not to push herself to speak as much because she knows she can get her point across without it, haha. But she basically knows her alphabet and is starting to try to say more words. 
Currently she is really into bubbles, dinosaurs, coloring/drawing, I Spy books, puzzles, rolling around all over the floor, helping me sweep/vaccum/cook, babies, and surprise…. food! haha. 
News other than Abrielle…. Matt turned 33 on Sept 8. He will finish is Bachelors in nursing in December and is looking forward to being done with that. He’s really enjoying his job on the oncology unit as an assistant manager/charge nurse. I appreciate all of his hard work so that I don’t have to work quite as often, haha. Speaking of work, I am currently orienting on the surgical ICU/trauma unit at Denver Health. I’ll be there per diem (4 shifts/month) and so far am really enjoying it. I feel very blessed to get to work in the area I most enjoy and to basically make my own schedule and be able to stay home so often. 
Our house is coming along. We have lots of projects going on at once and it’ll be a long while before they’re all completed. But at least we feel like things are coming together it”s been fun to get settled and create our space. We started to work on finishing the basement; Matt put up the first wall the other day. I do love having a handyman around 🙂 He’s so much more than a handyman though. I just have to say how awesome he is. He is such an amazing father and husband and he really does treat me so well. And I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of Costco roses 🙂 
Other than all that, we’re just hanging out and enjoying football being back in season. We are looking forward to seeing our first Colorado fall and just getting to know the area better. So that’s us 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the update. It’s funny to see that Kate and Maryann climb cars – I thought it was just my boys who see every vehicle a climbing wall to be conquered.

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