Matt is still getting his orthodontic treatment up in Seattle, because believe it or not, it’s cheaper for us him to fly back and forth for his appointments than it is for him to start over here. So he still goes up about once a month and Abrielle and I decided to join him this time, because I just miss it there. 
This was our view coming in; it was way better in person than what the phone could capture. It was beautiful to see Rainier against the sunset.
While there, we went to a really neat place called Northwest Trek. They have a lot of animals native to the Northwest and you ride a little bus through the exhibits, where the animals can just wander around you. It’s really cool. Abrielle loved it! And although the weather wasn’t great that day, it was a great day to go because there are so many animals out and they were SO close to us. It was very fun. 
Here’s Hedwig 🙂

And White Fang, haha
Grizzly bear!

They had a whole bunch of mountain goats and big horn sheep

This moose made repetitive appearances; it was fun

The buffalo was right up next to the bus, he was practically rubbing up against it. 

There were a bunch of elk too
 As well as Caribou

Our little beast 🙂

 It was really great to meet up with friends. These were Matt’s bosses when we first moved to Washington and we’ve just always been very good friends with them. Abrielle had fun putting on Cathy’s glasses haha.

 This is just a road that I used to travel all the time and I just loved being surrounded by all the beautiful trees again, especially as they’re changing colors. So pretty. 

Matt and I have always loved seeing these trees around Washington. They’re called Monkey Puzzle trees they’re just really unique.

Somewhere along the way, someone gave Abrielle a sucker. Can you guess what color it was?? haha.

This is the awesome park that I used to run at all the time, Bellevue City Park. I love this place. 

And this was our view leaving. Again, Rainier. 
It was good, but also hard for me to go back, because I didn’t want to leave. But I’m glad we all got to go and that we had a really good time. 

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