October Fun!

She always has so much fun at the Museum of Natural History and Science here. It is a pretty incredible place actually. But they have a water works station in the kids section and she just has a blast. I love seeing her stick her tongue out when she’s concentrating, haha. It’s definitely hereditary…my dad did it, I do it, and she does it 🙂

I know I shouldn’t snap pictures at church, but I just loved her little pigtails and her dress 

Happy as a clam with her best friends kitty and bunny, haha
We went to a fall festival close to our house; it was fun. They had a big jumping pillows for the kids (and me, apparently, haha), a barrel ride, a hay ride, corn mazes, and a pumpkin patch. Abrielle picked out several small pumpkins and had fun not following the path through the maze. She thought it was much more entertaining to go through the cornstalks. 

Just having fun 🙂

Ready for church!
My mom came up to visit us for several days… this is what happens when Grandma lets Abrielle pick out her outfit… you end up with striped tights from her halloween costume, haha
She sure loves her grandma

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