My baby is no longer a baby!

Abrielle… oh this girl. She is something, haha. I just keep loving her more than I thought I could. Her and that handsome daddy she has 😉 I’m so grateful that I can be with them, and all of my family, forever. What a truly amazing blessing that is.

She has grown so much in the last 3 months… she really has gone from baby to toddler.

She has started running. She’s very good at shaking her head yes. She’s obsessed with birds and points pretty much every single one out. She’s also obsessed with dogs. Pretty much every time we see one, she almost hyperventilates going “woof woof” and goes spastic patting her hand on her leg (the sign for dog). She knows tons of animal noises. The zoo is a very magical place for us, haha.
She loves to dance and twirl. She loves to eat constantly (still). She’s got such a personality… she truly has no fear – of anything or anyone. A bit nerve-wracking for me, haha. There’s been lots more bumps and bruises and scrapes to go along with the fearlessness. She’s such a big “helper” pushing the shopping cart or stroller or doing laundry. She’s so vocal. She knows exactly what she wants and fortunately is pretty good at communicating it. She loves the water, and for me to put sunscreen on her, haha. She loves rocks and picks one up to carry every time we’re outside. She’s good at brushing her full mouth of teeth. She tries to hold every stuffed animal and blanket that she owns all at once. She is very into riding in/on things right now. She’s also very into jewelry and trying on shoes, haha.

That is Abrielle in a nutshell. I could go on for a long time with funny stories, but at this point I just need to get caught up in my blogging, so that’s the very condensed version of who she is right now, haha. Here are lots of pics to go along with it and hopefully I’ll be better at keeping up to date with stuff. It’s just pretty busy and entertaining and amazing to be her parents.

April pictures:

Love the curls!

May pictures:

Such a little shopper

Unfortunately she’s only satisfied with this phone for about 5 minutes until she wants mine (which I don’t give her, so it all goes over really well, haha).

She loves ducks

hahaha! Love the baby plumber’s crack 🙂

This was the first time she let me paint her nails, and she’s the one that wanted me to do it 🙂

June pictures:

Her first car 🙂

Belly laugh 🙂

I know I’m biased, but she totally looks like a model toddler here, haha. So beautiful 🙂

Abrielle giving mouth to mouth, hahaha. I about died laughing watching this.
That’s our beautiful beast. We love her 🙂

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