More fun pictures

Abrielle has just been so funny lately so of course I’m always trying to capture the moment. So here are some fun pictures and activities that we’ve done. 

We live really close to a  human society, so we go there to see and pet animals. This guy is a Flemish Giant Rabbit; the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen. He honestly probably weighed more than Abrielle. And he was super friendly. It was fun.

She kept sticking this right up to his face trying to get him to play with it, haha

The first time she’s let me paint her toenails 🙂

Such a goofball

The fact that her hair is in pigtails is big deal… she NEVER lets us do anything with her hair, so this really was an accomplishment. And that they stayed in during all of church was an even bigger accomplishment haha

 She’s really really good at rearranging the candy at stores….

 I love these two 🙂

Matt and Abrielle flew down to Arizona for Matt’s brother, Trevor’s, wedding. I unfortunately couldn’t go due to work, and this was Matt’s first time flying alone with her. She did great. She sat on this older woman’s lap that Matt was sitting next to the entire time. She’ll love anyone if they have necklaces and a phone 🙂 haha.

Pretty in pink

Musician in the making….

The Bride and Groom

 Mother of the Groom, and the Groom

The other day Matt looked at our basket where we normally keep our shoes and noticed they were missing. He went looking and this is what he found, hahaha. Thanks Abrielle.

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