Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween was fun for us with year. Abrielle loved her little costume and she looked adorable in it. And then we used our pumpkins to break the news that we’re having another baby!!! Due May 5, 2016. We keep asking Abrielle if she knows that I’m having a baby and if she wants a baby and she keeps telling us yes. We’ll see how she feels about things when the time comes, haha But I’m glad we’re all really excited 

Our little pirate princess

Our pirate family
We went to the halloween dinner and trunk-or-treat that our church put on. She loved going around and picking out candy. 

She also thoroughly enjoyed sucking on a sucker while was collecting her candy

Our neighborhood is kind of crazy about Halloween/holidays, it seems. My house had a couple pumpkins and some bails of hay, etc. But these guys go all out. Here are some examples….

It’s super fun but I have a lot of catching up to do as far as decoration goes, haha. 
We hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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