A Good Day

We got out and explored our new surroundings today. We went on a little nature walk outside the city a ways. It was fun. We saw a snake and so Abrielle was saying “ssss” the rest of the time, haha.
It must be nice to be kid and be carried when you get tired… I wish someone would carry me whenever I want, haha

She had fun playing with my sunglasses

Can you tell she’s really into necklaces right now? haha

Then we visited Chic-fil-A and took advantage of their free meal offer if you dress like a cow. There were people in much better costume than us, but it was fun 🙂

She was not sure what to think of the cow, haha. We thought she’d like it, but she was a bit intimidated by it.

Enjoying her toy from her first kids meal

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