Abrielle is so good at reorganizing. Everything. Haha. She’s actually really good at helping me put things away too, but she just has a blast dragging my closet out into the bathroom. 

She loves church 🙂

She also loves all her little friends

Fun at Hobby Lobby
We had our first snow of the season
She was enjoying posing in her winter attire
Abrielle hasn’t really seen snow before… she was fascinated watching the snowflakes fall
We got out and tried a new activity today, this open gym at a local rec center. It was fun. She loved the trampolines and foam pit. 

And what better way to spend the afternoon on a cold day than to cuddle up with daddy 🙂

Here’s a mommy update. 15 weeks. I know it’s not overly obvious, but it’s quite obvious to me. I have felt more nauseas with this one, but still never threw up, and it seems to finally be resolving, so that’s good. I also am not as diligent in my running as I was with Abrielle, but hopefully I can still keep it up. Other than that, I’m feeling good; just a little more tired. But I think that probably has to do more with chasing my toddler than being pregnant. 

Anyway, nothing too new, we’re just having fun. Apparently next week we’re supposed to get about 2 feet of snow, so I’m sure we’ll have some new activities like sledding and building a snow man to keep us busy 🙂 Also, Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all those who do and have served and give so much for this country.

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